Utah Permit Practice Test

Utah Practice Permit Test - UT Permit Practice Test

If you are getting ready to apply for a drivers license or learners permit in the state of Utah, you will have to take the mandatory permit test and the 2013 Utah permit practice test will be one of the most valuable study aids in the process. This free practice permit test for Utah allows you to assess your current level of preparation and helps you pinpoint the driving rules you may have trouble with. Pass your Utah permit test with our free sample practice test questions today!

Why Should I Take The Utah Practice Permit Test?

The first reason why someone would take the Utah practice permit test is because the practice permit test helps you familiarize yourself with the terminology used on the real DMV test. The DMV only wants those who know the traffic rules inside out to be on the road and sometimes phrases permit test questions in the way that may confuse you. Practice permit tests will help you learn this terminology and wording used at the DMV.

Another reason for you to take the practice permit test Utah sample quiz is the fact that practice tests help you evaluate your level of preparation before you go in for the actual Utah permit test. You might have completed a Utah driver's education course, read a guide to Utah drivers license and think you know all the rules and regulations, however, there is no way of knowing that you are right unless you actually test yourself. Doing well on the Utah DMV practice permit test will also strike some confidence into you and reduce the amount of stress you will experience at the office.

Considering all reasons listed above and taking into account that practice tests are free, the question of why should you take this Utah permit practice test before you go in for the real thing turns into why shouldn't you take it?

How Close Is The Utah Learners Permit Practice Test to The Permit Test at The DMV?

The learners permit practice test Utah sample quizes that are offered here are very close to the permit test at the DMV, however, they are not identical. This fact throws quite a few students off. Why aren't these tests identical, why can't we see the answers to the Utah permit test here? The main reason why this test is similar, but not identical to the real exam, is that too many students are tempted to spend their time on memorizing the answers instead of learning the rules and there are a few faults in this approach. First of all, the DMV changes permit test questions frequently, so if you simply memorize the answers to those questions, you will fail if you don't get the same questions on the real exam. You are supposed to be learning the driving rules, not memorizing answers to a few sample questions. The Utah drivers license practice test covers the same topics as the real exam, which means that when you go in to be tested for the Utah learners permit, you will be prepared no matter what questions you get on the test.

Practice Permit Test Utah

Do the smart thing, take the 2013 practice permit test Utah before you go in for the real exam at the DMV!

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I've been getting 80-95% correct am i ready to take the real test or should I wait and practice more?

Hey Krystal! Well, 70 is all right for starters, but you should definitely keep on working on the score. I always advise that you work the score up to at least 90-95% before you hit the office to take the real exam. Make sure that this sample practice test is not the only thing you are doing, you should also be reading the manual ;)

taking my test tomorrow and I'm nervous most of my friends it took them about 3 times to pass. I took this test and got a 70% on my first time. I don't know if that's good.. I really need my permit.. any advice??

Hi there! Did you end up taking the real Utah permit test? How did you do? Share your results with others, please!

Hi, I'm new to the website and failed it 35% almost 40% but I have been studying the manual and I'm nervous about the test.... I will be taking the test this friday and really want to get learner permit soon as possible so when I get my license I shall be able to drive my gf anywhere lol. :D I'm so nervous...

Hi Baze, welcome to the site. Do you remember what questions you failed, any particular area you were having troubles with? I don't think you were struggling with the whole test, were you, it was probably a certain type of questions that got you failed. If you know what they were, I could give you a more specific answer. As it is, I can advise you on the general approach that seems to work almost for everyone. You take the official Utah drivers manual and read it from the very beginning to the very end. Take notes as you go, whenever you see something you deem important (parking rules, speed limits, anything related the to the alcohol law), write it down in a notebook. Once done with the book, you take this Utah practice permit test. If you are not sure what the answer to a question is, consult your notes (do not touch the book at this point, just work with your notes). Answer as many questions as possible, have the test graded. Now look at the answers you missed, if your notes do not contain information about these topics, pick up the book, revisit those chapters and update the notes, then take another test. Keep doing this for a while, once you are comfortable with your score, switch to a different site with sample exams and do couple of tests there, see if you do just as well on them. Your approach here is repetition and covering as many rules as possible. Trust me, there is no such thing as "not doing well on tests", the only people who don't do well are the ones who don't study enough, I learned the truth the hard way back at college. Good luck and let me know if you do better on your Utah permit test this time, I really hope that you will!

I take my permit test in a week. I've taken it twice before. The first I got 39/50. And the second was 38/50. I'm not good with tests and I've been scared to retake it ever since I failed the first few times. Any advice????

Hi Lexi! I cannot tell you how much I agree with you and the idea that you must ALWAYS read the drivers handbook, no matter how many times you take this Utah permit practice test. While the test is helpful in the sense that it shows you the rules you might have misunderstood, it does not cover all traffic rules and you are bound to encounter new questions when you take your actual permit test. Since the learners permit test is based on the information in the book, reading it should allow you to cover all permit test questions and answers. Good luck!

I totally agree with reading the manual. My sister passed the test without studying so I thought I could too, so I only studied a little. I took the test twice and got 39/50 on both. One more question right I would have passed. And read the whole thing because I didn't think I'd need to know anything about motorcycles cuz I'm never gonna drive one but they ask about those too. And a lot of the questions on the test aren't on online tests. Goona go take it again in a few hours!! Hopefully I pass!

Hey there, buddy. It is very strange that you are not doing too well on the Utah practice permit test after you read the manual. Are you having troubles with any specific permit test questions, any specific rules, i.e. those on alcohol blood levels or traffic offenses?

Taking the test tomorrow......I am someehat nervous i guess..i studied the manual a lot but when i do practice test i fail hope i can do it right at the DMV ....

Hey Srod, thanks for getting back with us! First of all, let me congratulate you with passing your permit test, it's a great achievement and a big step forward. We are also 100% behind you when you say that people should read the manual. This is what we keep telling people all the time - read the manual, these practice questions are not for you to memorize the actual permit test answers, this Utah permit practice test was designed to help you understand if you know the rules well enough to take the real permit test. We keep on repeating that on every page of the site but no one seems to read :) Anyway, once again, congratulations on passing the permit test and good luck with your drivers test!

Just took my test and I PASSED! But the best word of advice is READ THE MANUAL! There was literally only two test questions from here on the actual test. Like child safety seats, how far should you be parked from intersection, stop sign and ALOT of questions on the driver points and violations and and license being revoked and suspended.

Im taking the test in a few hours. Any suggestions for me. I've failed it 4 times. Im a really bad tester so any advice/:

Hey Rossi, how is it going? All sample questions are available on this page. All you need to do is click on the blue button that says "Practice Permit Test Utah" and it will take you there. Good luck!

any body can send me the qoustion plz

Hey there, great to hear from you! Did you manage to take your Utah permit test yet? Don't worry about spelling mistakes, everyone makes one now and then ;)

Its actually 50 questions and you're allowed to miss 10. :)

i have been doing the practice test for quite some time now and i was going to do the test on Friday but then i got really sick. my dad's been sick for 2 weeks and has to go get surgery so i'm not sure when i'm going to get the permit but soon i hope because i'm in drivers ed next term in school and i need my permit to participate in that class so i'm going to ask if i can go tomorrow if so wish me luck! thanks for your help! sorry for the missed spelled words i cant spell very good i have dyslexia

Hey buddy. The real permit test in Utah will have 25 questions on it and you will need to give at least 20 correct answers. Are you taking the test any time soon or are you just going through practice tests right now?

how many qustions are on the test for the real test? and how many can u miss to pass?

Hi Zoea, I would greatly appreciate if you could do that, it will certainly help others to have access to real permit test questions in this Utah permit practice test. If you could go ahead and send those questions to, I will add them to the database asap. Thanks a bunch!

I'm taking the test on Friday and will give you the questions. How do I contact you?

Hello there and thank you for the question. We try to keep this Utah permit practice test as up to date as possible and are constantly working on adding new study materials and new practice questions to the exam. As for your question on how close the test is to the real test: as states previously, this practice test is based on the materials provided in the state's drivers handbook and they cover the same topics that are covered by the real DMV permit test, but they are not identical. If you would like us to add the real permit test questions to the test, please feel free to send us a copy of the test after you take it and we shall add the questions to the database for other students to use. Thanks for taking the test and happy holidays!

Hey, I am just wondering if this test is up to date and if a qualified person made it. Also, do you know if it is like the real permit test at all?