Indiana BMV Practice Test Question 136

Today we are looking at one of the questions from our Indiana BMV practice test that deals with identifying road signs by shape. Identifying road signs by shape is an important skill since it allows you to prioritize road signs even if you are moving past them at high speed and figure the meaning of the sign even if you did not have enough time to read the message on it. The BMV recognizes the importance of this skills and frequently includes questions that ask you to identify a road sign by shape or color into the Indiana permit test. If you have not read the drivers manual yet and do not know how road signs differentiate by shape and color, please do so before you proceed further with this question.


Connecticut Permit Test Question 135

Questions on road signs have always been an important part of the Connecticut permit test and you should invest sufficient time into studying them. Most people think they can answer questions on road signs without studying the manual and fail badly when they visit the DMV to take their permit test. Some states have separate sections of the test that include only road signs and students cannot fail even one question on road signs if they want to pass the exam. Today we are looking at one of the sample CT permit test question on road signs. Make sure to check out the complete Connecticut permit practice test if you want to do more practice questions before you hit the office!


Arizona Permit Test Question 134

If you take care of your car, check tire pressure frequently, replace the tires when they are worn out and visit your mechanic for regular - the chance of one of you having a blowout are close to zero. However, you must still know what to do should you have one and how to maintain control of your vehicle in this situation. The permit test in Arizona has a number of questions on defensive driving techniques and this is why we tried to include as many of them as possible into our Arizona practice permit test, make sure to check it out once you are done with this question!


Missouri Permit Test Question 133

There is one thing you need to remember when it comes to learning the rules that govern “the right of the way”: the law just says who must YIELD the right of way, but it does not give any driver the right-of-way. This means that the right-of-way must not always be taken, sometimes it is safer to yield it even if the law is on your side. Today we are covering one of the Missouri permit test question that deals with this rule at four-way stop intersections. Make sure to take the complete Missouri practice permit test for more questions like this!


Tennessee Practice Permit Test Question 132

Pedestrian safety is a shared responsibility, you as a driver are charged to do everything in your power to protect everyone you share the road with, it is the law. A large number of pedestrians are injured on crosswalks every year mostly due the fact that drivers fail to exercise due caution when approaching a crosswalk. The permit test in Tennessee will have questions on sharing the road with pedestrians and you need to study the subject well if you want to pass the test the first time you take it. Today we are looking at one of the questions from our Tennessee practice permit test that deals with pedestrians crossing the street at a crosswalk.


NYS Practice Test Question 131

Today we are looking at yet another NY permit test question that covers railroad crossings. Why are these questions so important that the DMV chooses to include them into almost each and every test paper they have? The reason why you see so many questions on using railroad crossings on permit test papers all over the country is the fact that thousands of accident happen at railroad crossings every year and because mortality rates in such accidents are extremely high. Knowing the safe rules of going through railroad crossings may save your life some day, make sure you learn them well. You may take a full New York practice permit test if you want to check out more questions like this one.


8 Mistakes With The Online Practice Permit Test

Studying sample questions from a practice permit test is a great way to brush up on the traffic rules and road signs, there is no denying it. In fact, if there was one single most helpful permit test study aid we had to pick - the free permit practice test would be the one! However, just like any other study resources, practice permit test has its limitations that you need to be aware of to be able to get the most out of it. We went ahead and put together a list of 8 mistakes you can make while taking a practice permit test that will not allow you to get your time's worth!


5 Things to Do The Night Before Taking The Permit Test

The time is finally here - you are taking your permit test tomorrow! It's a big day, you may be able to go for your first drive tomorrow, right after the test! Sure, you will have a parent or a friend next to you at this point, but you still get to drive yourself! To make sure that you come to the learners permit exam fully prepared and ready to tackle it, we compiled a list of 5 most important things you should do the night before your permit test. Following these points will make sure that everything goes smoothly and that nothing is missing when you show up at the DMV. You are more than welcome to print this list of 5 things to do before the permit test and then just cross out the points you have already covered!


5 Reasons To Take A Practice Permit Test Today

Most of us are huge procrastinators and we tend to put off things for quite a while. If you are young, have plenty of friends, things to do and places to be, it can be even harder to sit down and make yourself do something. Studying for the learner's permit test is one of those things people usually start doing the night before the actual exam and that is when they frantically start looking for a magical free practice permit test that will allow them to nail the permit exam in the morning. We are going to show you that you do not have to put off taking a permit practice test till the night of your exam and that you can start doing sample practice exams today. To help you get started and to provide you with some extra ammo for fighting that laziness, here are 5 perfectly good reasons for you to take a practice permit test today!


Minnesota Practice Permit Test (MN) Question 130

Today we are covering one of the questions from the Minnesota practice permit test that quizzes your knowledge of road signs. We presume that you have already read the drivers handbook and went through Minnesota road signs at least once. Remember, learning road signs is crucial to passing the permit test, don't let a few mistakes hold you back! Cover this sample question, then take the complete permit practice test on the site!


5 Easy Ways To Prepare for and Pass Your Permit Test Today

Most of us make a decision to get behind the wheel and start driving at some point and taking the first step towards obtaining a drivers license is always the hardest step. You don't know what's required of you, where to go, what to study and most of us are afraid of taking a drivers permit test, which is no wonder, with more than half of all test takers failing the exam the first time. If you want to be among those who pass the permit test the first time they take it, follow these quick and easy tips!


New York Permit Test (NY) Question 129

Railroad crossings are a dangerous place for any driver - quite a few of them are not regulated and many drivers don't pay due caution when crossing them, which results in tragic fatal accident. Due to their sheer mass, trains cannot stop as rapidly as cars do, so even if the train driver sees that a vehicle has entered the crossing, there is nothing he can do to prevent an accident from developing. It is important that you learn the rules of safe travel through railroad intersections, it will not only help you pass your New York permit test easily but will ensure your safety behind the wheel. If you are still not comfortable with the rules even after you go through this sample, make sure to do more practice permit test NY questions in the complete exam offered on the website!


MVA Practice Test Question 128

We all know that drunk driving is a dangerous thing, we all know that there is no such thing as a “safe” amount of alcohol we can drink before getting behind the wheel of a car, but the MVA actually requires us to know driving laws that involve alcohol in more details. One of the questions that gets thrown around more frequently than others: “is it legal to drive with an open container of alcohol in your vehicle”. The reason why this question gets asked so often is because open alcohol container laws differ between states and naturally people want to know the law that applies to them. Questions on the open alcohol container law may be included in the Maryland permit test and since our MVA practice test was designed to help people prepare for the exam, we included this sample question in our database as well. Today we are looking at this sample question in more details.


Michigan Permit Test Question 127

Driving under the influence is a big problem, each years thousand of people are killed in traffic accidents that involve drivers who injected alcohol or drugs before getting behind the wheel. Many states require learners permit applicants to complete a substance abuse program that teaches them the dangers of drunk driving, since these programs are thought to reduce the chances of people getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol. Questions on the effects of alcohol on your driving ability frequently come up on the Michigan permit test and you really need to work on those if you want to pass the exam the first time you take it. Today we are looking at one of such Michigan permit test questions in more details.


Kentucky Permit Practice Test Question 126

In our age of electronics, cars are stuffed with computers and most drivers don't even see the need for hand signals, why use them if you have turn signals, stop signals, headlights and emergency lights? You realize what hand signals are for when your electrical systems fail (thankfully, the chance of this happening is quite low unless you are driving a very old car). Hand signals allow you to communicate your intentions to other drivers you share the road and the DMV wants you to know them before allowing you to get behind the wheel. Questions on hand signals are quite common for the Kentucky permit test and we simply could not walk past them when gathering materials for our Kentucky permit practice test. Today we are looking at one of the sample practice permit test KY questions in more details. If you are going to take the real knowledge exam soon, make sure to go through more sample questions and complete the full practice exam at least once!


Illinois Drivers License Practice Test Question 125

Identifying road signs by colors is a very useful technique all drivers need to learn before getting behind the wheel and hitting the road. While most people learn to identify traffic signs by color and shape just to be able to pass the Illinois permit test, you will notice how useful this ability is as soon as you start driving on high speed roadways. When you are traveling fast, you only have limited time for reading and processing traffic signs along the freeway and being able to prioritize them based on their color helps tremendously. Today we are looking at one of the Illinois driving test questions that tests your ability to identify the sign at a glance. If you are studying for the road rules test, you should also check out the full Illinois drivers license practice test that covers a wider variety of rules and laws!


NC Practice Permit Test Question 124

Questions from the North Carolina permit test that cover parking rules are among the most hated permit test questions out there: when you start studying, it seems like there are hundreds of different regulations to remember. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to memorize all NC parking rules, the only way to learn them is to spend some time reading the book and taking practice permit test NC questions that cover these rules. Today we are covering one of the questions that covers parking close to emergency vehicles. Check out the full NC practice permit test for more sample question on parking rules!


Drivers Permit Practice Test NY Question 123

This drivers permit practice test NY question covers New York road signs and today we are learning to identify the road sign that marks a Y intersection. While this may seem like an easy question to some, we found that quite a few students fail this sample question and that is why we wanted to cover this question in more details. If you have not read the drivers handbook and did not learn NYS road signs yet - now is the time to do so, there is no point in taking sample questions on road signs from this NYS drivers permit practice test until you actually go through all traffic signs in the book. Remember, even though the real drivers permit test in NY does not have too many questions on traffic signs, failing them may cost you the whole exam!


DMV Practice Test Florida Question 122

Today we are doing a very easy DMV practice test Florida question on the effects of drugs and alcohol on your driving ability. This question is especially easy for Florida kids since teenagers in FL must take a mandatory TLSAE Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education class prior to applying for a learners permit. Don't ignore this question if you are an adult and have not taken the 4 hour class - there are plenty of Florida permit test questions that will involve legal BAC levels and you should still learn them. If you are looking for more questions on Florida traffic rules and road signs, make sure to take the entire Florida DMV practice test!


NJ DMV Practice Test Question 121

The New Jersey permit test can be called rather extensive, when compared to similar knowledge tests in other states. The DMV test in NJ has 50 questions, which means that your chances of simply winging the test without studying are extremely low. Quite a few of those questions will cover NJ road signs and it would do you a lot of good if you spend some time learning them. Our NJ DMV practice test has a number of questions on New Jersey traffic signs that you can go over and today we are covering one of such questions in more details. This question requires you to correctly identity the road sign that marks a highway with two way traffic. Make sure to do the complete NJ MVC practice test for other questions like this one!

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