South Carolina Permit Practice Test SC

South Carolina Practice Permit Test - SC Permit Practice Test

If you are getting ready to apply for a drivers license or learners permit in the state of South Carolina, you will have to take the mandatory permit test and the 2013 South Carolina practice permit test will be one of the most valuable study aids in the process. This free permit practice test SC sample exam allows you to assess your current level of preparation and helps you pinpoint the driving rules you may have trouble with. Pass your South Carolina permit test with our free sample practice test questions today!

Why Should I Take The South Carolina Practice Permit Test?

The first reason why someone would take the SC practice permit test is because the practice permit test helps you familiarize yourself with the terminology used on the real DMV test. The DMV only wants those who know the traffic rules inside out to be on the road and sometimes phrases permit test questions in the way that may confuse you. Practice permit tests will help you learn this terminology and wording used at the DMV.

Another reason for you to take the permit practice test SC sample quiz is the fact that practice tests help you evaluate your level of preparation before you go in for the actual South Carolina permit test. You might have completed a South Carolina drivers education course, read a guide to South Carolina drivers license and think you know all the rules and regulations, however, there is no way of knowing that you are right unless you actually test yourself. Doing well on the South Carolina DMV practice test will also strike some confidence into you and reduce the amount of stress you will experience at the office.

Considering all reasons listed above and taking into account that this practice permit test SC sample exam is free, the question of why should you take the quiz before you go in for the real thing turns into why shouldn't you take it?

How Close Is The South Carolina Practice Permit Test to The Permit Test at The DMV?

The South Carolina permit practice test that is offered here is very close to the permit test offered at the DMV, however, they are not identical. Here is the good news: the practice test does not need to be identical to the real DMV exam. The goal of this practice test is to help you learn the rules of the road and successfully pass the permit test, not to help you memorize the answers to twenty questions. Memorizing answers to questions doesn't work, as soon as the DMV changes the answers, everyone who was memorizing them instead of learning the rules is doomed to fail. The South Carolina practice drivers test covers the same topics, which means that when you go in to be tested for the South Carolina learners permit, you will be prepared no matter what questions you get on the test.

Practice Permit Test South Carolina

Do the smart thing, take the 2013 permit practice test South Carolina before you go in for the real DMV permit exam!

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I been studying the handbook and taking the practice test everyday. right now im scoring about 85% which isnt bad :) i think i need more studying and i hope i do fine on the real test! im nervous :/

Hi Shai! In most cases, getting this score on this SC permit practice test causes a different response: "Yay, 80%!" :) Seriously, 80% is not too bad and you can easily improve it if you work on those questions you missed. Just write them out, revisit the corresponding chapters in the drivers handbook and take the test again, I am sure your score will improve dramatically. When are you taking your South Carolina permit test?

ugh an 80%

Hi Nia. The real South Carolina permit test has 30 questions and the passing score is 80%. Questions at the DMV will be very similar to these permit practice test SC questions, although they would have more road signs questions that you need to look up in the drivers handbook. Good luck!

scored a 75% :(

has anyone taken the permit test yet? what kind of questions are on it? how many?

Hi there! Remember that most apps and practice tests are not exactly like the real exam. Plus, when you are doing the test at home, it is usually much easier when compared to taking the real South Carolina permit test, since you are not stressed. Try the following. Grab yourself a copy of the drivers handbook, go over the whole manual. Make sure to take notes, write down blood alcohol levels, speed limits, following distances, etc. Once done, take a practice test. You can use your notes to answer these permit practice test SC questions at this point. If you are doing well, put away your notes, do another practice test without them. If you are seeing that you are missing quite a few questions and you cannot find answers to those questions in your notes, go back to the manual, find the required info and add it to your notes. Keep doing that and you will see how your score will improve. I know taking notes seems weird today, when you have all the apps, tablets and smart phones but trust me, nothing beats a regular pen and a notebook when it comes to learning the rules. Good luck!

Hi there, Mercedes (great name, by the way ;) 85% is definitely great if you just took this SC permit practice test the first time and you are just 14, really shows that you have your eyes open while your parents are behind the wheel and you should not have any troubles passing the real permit test at the DMV once you actually read the handbook and study those permit test questions. Good luck!

I keep scoring low...but when I downloaded the app on my tablet I score well. I'm just really nervous about taking the real deal! HELP!!

I made an 85 not bad for a 14 year old girl and this was my first time doing it

Hi Bruce, thanks for the question. You are not quoting the full answer here, which may have other people confused. The full answer was "Just when it starts to rain after a dry spell" and this is a much better answer than "During a light rain", for a very simple reason. When it doesn't rain for a long time, dust, dirt, oil and gas residue accumulates on the road, nothing washes it away. When it starts raining, all these things combine to form a very slippery film on the road surface and it will stay there until the rain washes it away. That is why the road is most slippery just when it starts to rain after a dry spell. Hope this helps, Bruce. If you have any other concerns about questions from this SC practice permit test, let us know and we'll be glad to help you out!

highways are the most slippery just when it starts to rain or after a dry spell? I thought it was after a light rain. How is it slippery after a dry spell??????

Hey Shyheim. 95 is a very good score, shows that you are no strange to the rules of the road. We hope that this SC practice permit test gave you some pointers and that you'll do just fine on your real SC permit test! Good luck!

i made an 95 im going to pass

Alright, thank you very much!

Hey buddy, great result, I hope you will do well on your real SC permit test tomorrow! Share the test on social networks so others may find it as well!

Hello there, this is quite a question you have here, especially considering that this is just a practice test for a permit :) Good thing you are being so thorough. If, god farbid, you are involved in a traffic accident, you should follow a few simple rules; 1. Stop / move the vehicle to a safe place. Stopping in the middle of a highway may cause more accidents. 2. Make sure everyone else is all right, aid the ones who are injured. 3. Notify the police about the accident 4. Exchange insurance info with the other driver This is the basic procedure you need to follow. There are other minor details, such as trying to preserve the scene of the accident, but if you were to remember the most important steps and forget everything else - this is your stuff.

Made a 95, taking the Real Deal tomorrow!! Thanks for this test, it was a great help! :D

So if I'm involved in a fatal accident I should call the cops and file a report to the DMV? I thought I would call the cops and send a report to my insurance company... whatever.

Hello mate! You are 100% correct on this and this is exactly what we've been telling everyone: this permit practice test for SC is meant to be used in conjunction with the drivers handbook, not as a standalone study resource! You must read the book along with taking these practice questions because there is no way to learn the rules otherwise, you will just memorize couple of questions instead of learning the actual rule and this isn't good - if the DMV changes the question or words it in a different way, you're screwed! Plus, you have to remember that you are studying not just to pass the permit test, but to prepare for the actual on-road driving. Quite a few accidents are caused when people don't know when to yield the right of way, so make sure you drill into those books and cover everything before you take this SC permit practice test!

this is a ok test it helps and will 50 percent help you with your permit no regrets taking this but you should also use the book u cant pass without reading or doing both

Great stuff, keep studying until you pass this SC permit practice test with a score of 100% every time!