Pennsylvania Permit Practice Test PA

Practice Permit Test PA | Permit Practice Test PA

If you are getting ready to apply for a drivers license or learners permit in the state of Massachusetts, you will have to take the mandatory permit test and the 2013 permit practice test PA will be one of the most valuable study aids in the process. This free Pennsylvania practice permit test allows you to assess your current level of preparation and helps you pinpoint the driving rules you may have trouble with. Pass your PA permit test with our free sample practice test questions today!

Why Should I Take The Practice Permit Test PA?

The first reason why someone would take a PA practice permit test is because the permit practice test helps you familiarize yourself with the terminology used on the real PennDOT test. The PennDOT only wants those who know the traffic rules inside out to be on the road and sometimes phrases permit quiz questions in a way that may confuse you. Practice permit tests will help you learn this terminology and wording used at the DOT.

Another reason for you to take a free Pennsylvania practice permit test is the fact that practice tests help you evaluate your level of preparation before you go in for the actual Pennsylvania permit test. You might have completed a Pennsylvania drivers education course, read a guide to Pennsylvania drivers license and think you know all the rules and regulations, however, there is no way of knowing that you are right unless you actually test yourself. Doing well on the PennDOT practice permit test will also strike some confidence into you and reduce the amount of stress you will experience at the office.

Considering what's stated above and taking into account that practice tests are free, the question of why should you take a permit practice test PA before you go in for the real thing turns into why shouldn't you take them?

Individual Permit Practice Test PA Questions

One thing you really need to learn to be able to pass your Pennsylvania drivers permit test the first time you take it is to reason your way through those questions. This is an important skill you need to learn, to analyze every Pennsylvania permit test question, really dig into those answers. If you do this, you can usually drop at least half of the answers that are incorrect even if you don't know the right answer off the top of your head and then you only have to choose between two answers, giving you a better chance to answer the question correctly. Of course, this does not eliminate the need to study and to learn Pennsylvania rules of the road, but you can usually wing a question or two this way. Plus, analyzing PA learenrs permit test questions usually helps you understand the rules better, to understand why these rules were developed in the first place.

In order to help you get started with analyzing permit exam questions, we prepared a number of Pennsylvania practice questions that we went through for you, go ahead and check them out.

  1. Permit Practice Test PA Question 4 - Traffic Signals
  2. Practice Permit Test PA Question 16 - Blind Pedestrians
  3. PA Practice Permit Test Question 70 - Road Signs
  4. PA Permit Practice Test Question 92 - Road Signs
  5. Permit Practice Test PA Question 119 - Legal BAC

Once done with these sample questions, scroll down to take the complete free Pennsylvania practice permit test!

How Close Is The Pennsylvania Practice Permit Test to The Permit Test at The PennDOT?

The PA permit practice test that is offered here is very close to the permit test offered at the PennDOT, however, it is not identical. You may think this is a bad thing, however, let us assure you that it's not, in fact, it's even better than taking a quiz that is identical to the real learners permit test. The drivers permit practice test PA covers the same topics as the real exam, which means that when you go in to be tested for the Pennsylvania learners permit, you will be prepared no matter what questions you get.

Permit Practice Test PA

Do the smart thing, take a 2013 PA practice permit test before you go in for the real PennDOT permit test!

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the speed limit in school zones in PA is 15 mph,but your test told me 20!

THE "THREE-SECOND RULE" APPLIES TO THE SPACE _________ OF YOUR VEHICLE. A. to the sides B. aheadYOUR ANSWER IS CORRECT C. in back im pretty sure its the 4 second rule, not the 3 second rule.

IT IS LEGAL TO DRIVE WITH AN ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE CONTAINER THAT HAS BEEN OPENED IF THE CONTAINER IS: A. In the glove compartment B. In the trunk C. Under the front seat i thought it was illegal to have any alcohol open at any time anywhere in the car in the state of pennsylvania?

Hi there! You are correct, the real permit test in Pennsylvania has 18 multiple choice questions. The reason why you see 20 permit practice test PA questions every time you take the quiz is because it's not a real mock up of the test, this sample exam was built to help you study the rules of the road and hence it does not really matter whether there is 18, 20 or 30 questions on it.

Why is the practice test have 20 questions when I thought the test has 18?

Good luck, buddy! Big day today, right? Feeling excited? Anyway, good luck on your learners permit test and let us know if this permit practice test PA quiz helped! By the way, are you planning on taking a drivers education program? If you are a teenager, it may help you obtain an unrestricted drivers license a little faster!

If this was the real test i would have passed, To bad it was not. Taking my permit test Tuesday. Scared, Excited. Ah!! Wish me luck <3

Hey there. What you were told is correct. You see, the Pennsylvania permit test has 18 questions and you are allowed to miss only three of them. If you miss four questions on the test, you fail. Make sure you study the handbook and do this practice permit test pa quiz at least couple of times to see how well you learned those traffic rules. Good luck!

Hey there, Bubbles. Thanks for the question and let me tell you right from the start: you are correct. In Pennsylvania, you are not supposed to have any open alcohol containers in the vehicle, not even in the trunk. The only exception, under the current Pennsylvania vehicle code, is for passenger area of a motor vehicle designed, maintained or used primarily for the lawful transportation of persons for compensation. This paragraph includes buses, taxis and limousines. It looks like the answer crawled here from some other state question, where it is legal to have an open container in the trunk. We will go ahead and update this PA permit practice test questions asap, thanks for reporting this!

IS IT LEGAL TO DRIVE WITH AN OPEN CONTAINER OF ALCOHOL IN YOUR VEHICLE? A. Yes, if the container is in the trunk CORRECT ANSWER B. No, there are no exceptions YOUR ANSWER C. Yes, if the container is in the driving space of a motor home I'm pretty sure it's illegal no matter what. I don't know where you get your info but I've seen this question on other practice test and no exceptions was always right..

i take the test in 3 days im so scared,but say i got questions 1,2,3 wrong do i pass because im so confused on this i got told if you got questions 1,2,3 wrong once you get the fourth on wrong you fail i live in Pennsylvania. thank you and please reply(:

i take the test in 3 dys im so scared,but say i got questions 1,2,3 wrong do i pass because im so confused on this i got told if you got questions 1,2,3 wrong once you get the fourth on wrong you fail i live in Pennsylvania. thank you and please reply(:

Hey there, thanks for the question. You are correct, in Pennsylvania the speed limit for school zones when children are present and the yellow light on the sign is flashing is 15 mph, you selected the right answer. It looks like this question kind of "crossed over" to this permit practice test PA sample quiz from the test for another state. I will go ahead and correct it as soon as I figure out how this happened. Thanks for paying attention and alerting me to the issue! Good luck on your PA permit test!

THE SPEED LIMIT WHEN PASSING A SCHOOL WHILE CHILDREN ARE PRESENT (UNLESS POSTED OTHERWISE) IS A. 15 mph B. 20 mph C. 25 mph the answer is a but the test told me it was b I believe this is wrong

Hi Tre, thank you for the question. The problem with answer A is that you can't really assume that you are being surrounded by model drivers who never miss anything and always follow the rules. Sadly, that is not always the case. If you assume that everyone else will maintain constant speed, you may be taken by surprise when the car you are passing starts accelerating. You must ALWAYS make sure you have a space in your lane to return to or you are looking at an accident. Let me know if you had any troubles with other questions from this PA practice permit test.

10. WHEN PLANNING TO PASS OTHER VEHICLES, YOU SHOULD: A. Assume they will maintain a constant speed B. Assume they will let you pass if you use your turn signal C. Not assume they will make space for you to return to your lane the answer was "C" but i think that it should be "A"

Well, if I was you, I would just use google translate and translate these practice questions into Spanish. I don't think there are too many practice tests in Spanish out there, since most people take the permit exam in English. You may try to contact the PennDOT to see if they can help you with this matter.

Where I can find those question in Spanish ???