New York Permit Practice Test NY

Permit Practice Test NY - Practice Permit Test NY

If you are getting ready to apply for a drivers license or learners permit in the state of New York, you will have to take the compulsory drivers permit test and the 2013 NYS permit practice test will be one of the most valuable study aids in the process. This free permit practice test for NY allows you to assess your current level of preparation and helps you pinpoint the driving rules you may have trouble with. Pass your 2013 NYS permit test with our free sample practice questions today!

Applying for New York Learners Permit

No matter how old you are, applying for a New York learners permit is your first step towards obtaining a full drivers license. One of the key elements of the application is taking the written New York permit test that covers the state traffic laws, road signs and safe driving practices. New York permit practice tests are a great way to see where you stand on those topics and identify the areas you may need to pay more attention to.

Types of New York Driving Practice Tests

Depending on the type of the New York driver's license you are going for, you may need to check out different practice tests. The following types of the tests are available:

  • Regular DMV practice tests
  • CDL practice tests
  • Motorcycle permit practice

If you are applying for the motorcycle drivers license, you should probably check out both the regular New York drivers practice tests and the motorcycle practice tests to make sure you got everything covered.

Where Can You Get the New York DMV Practice Tests

There are many sources where you can obtain a practice permit test for NY. The first and probably the most reputable source is the New York Department of Motor Vehicles, the NY DMV. You can locate the DMV practice permit test for NY at the end of every section in the New York drivers manual. These sample tests are interactive, which means that they will be graded online. In addition to that, you will see what questions you got wrong and the site will direct you to the sections of the manual that provides the answers to these questions.

Unfortunately, the number of NYS permit practice test questions provided by the DMV is limited, so you may find yourself looking for some additional exams. You can either get some free permit practice tests online or you can purchase a test package from one of the commercial driving schools. Remember, we offer drivers permit practice test for NY with unlimited number of sample questions that you can take as many times as you want, so make good use of it!

New York practice permit tests are provided in different languages. The most common languages are English and Spanish, however you may be able to locate some tests in Chinese, Vietnamese, Russian and other languages.

Individual Practice Permit Test NY Questions

One thing you really need to learn to be able to pass your New York permit test the first time you take it is to reason your way through those questions. This is an important skill you need to learn, to analyze every permit question, really dig into those answers. If you do this, you can usually drop at least half of the answers that are incorrect even if you don't know the right answer off the top of your head and then you would only have to choose between two answers, giving you a better chance to answer the question correctly. Of course, this does not eliminate the need to study and to learn the rules, but you can usually wing a question or two this way. Plus, analyzing permit test questions usually helps you understand the rules better, to understand why these rules were developed in the first place.

  1. Permit Practice Test NY Question 13 - Passing
  2. Practice Permit Test NY Question 28 - Road Signs
  3. NY Permit Practice Test Question 45 - Entering Highways
  4. NYS Permit Practice Test Question 64 - Emergency Stop
  5. NYS Practice Permit Test Question 84 - Road Signs

In order to help you get started with analyzing permit test questions, we prepared a number of sample questions that we went through for you, go ahead and check them out.

Once done with these sample questions, scroll down to take the full NY state practice permit test!

Other Ways to Study

There is no such thing as too many study aids when it comes to preparing for your exam and you do not have to limit yourself to taking practice tests. Apart from reading the free manual provided by the DMV, you can take one of the state-approved New York drivers education classes. Driver's ed classes make a great job of getting you prepped for the DMV exam and some of them even include free practice permit tests. This way you won't have to purchase any extra packages.

Permit Practice Test NY

So be smart - take a New York practice permit test and good luck at the DMV!

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First time and got 90% it's all common cense. got 12 and 18 wrong.

i got a 90% on this practice test and i never read the book you think i should just go and take it?

i have a 75 yesss

I just got a 75% thats 15 out of 20 i guess thats ok kinda

I got an 85% I haven't read the book but I really need to go take it and drive I'm almost 18 lol you think ill pass without the book? I've been taking many practice tests

75 on my first try

Not bad, but you should start reading the drivers handbook if you have not started doing so already. Trust me, reading the book does wonders and you will see how your score on this NY practice permit test will soar. When are you taking the real test, by the way?

75% after a couple of trys.

That;s quite all right, some people report that the real permit test is easier than this NYS practice permit test (but then there are some who say exactly the opposite, so we don't know who you want to believe :) Let us know how you do on your permit test at the DMV, thanks!

I would not be so negative! While the score you got on this NYS practice test is not exceptionally high, it does not mean that you will automatically fail the real permit test, it just shows you that you have some room for improvement before you can go to the office. Trust me, studying helps, so buckle down, grab a copy of the drivers manual and keep reading it and taking sample exams until you pass!

Congratulations, good score indeed! When are you taking the real NYS permit test?

That's quite all right, Frank, since you are just beginning to study now! I am sure you will see a lot of improvement as you keep taking this NY practice permit test! Reading the drivers handbook helps too!

I've been studying for two weeks and i got a 65....and I take the test on!

That's all right for starters, but you really need to work on your score if you want to pass the real NYS permit test. We advise that you do not try to take the real test until you can answer 90% of these practice permit test NY questions (I would personally try to answer all of them, but that's an overkill for some people). Keep reading the manual, keep taking sample exams, I am sure you will do just fine. Good luck!

i jus got a 65 .ima fail

Got a 80% YEA BUDDY!!!

I got 45%

85 :)


Great score, first time taking this NYS practice permit test?

i got a 80% and im only 16. You people should have done better than me

75 first try haha