Massachusetts Practice Permit Test MA

Massachusetts Practice Permit Test - MA Permit Practice Test

If you are getting ready to apply for a drivers license or learners permit in the state of Massachusetts, you will have to take the mandatory permit test and the 2013 practice permit test MA will be one of the most valuable study aids in the process. This free Massachusetts practice permit test allows you to assess your current level of preparation and helps you pinpoint the driving rules you may have trouble with. Pass your Massachusetts permit test with our free sample practice test questions today!

Why Should I Take The Permit Practice Test for MA?

The first reason why someone would take a Massachusetts practice permit test is because doing a practice permit test helps you familiarize yourself with the terminology used on the real RMV test. The RMV only wants those who know the traffic rules inside out to be on the road and sometimes phrases permit test questions in the way that may confuse you. Practice permit tests will help you learn this terminology and wording used at the RMV.

Another reason for you to take the permit practice test for Massachusetts is the fact that practice tests help you evaluate your level of preparation before you go in for the actual Massachusetts permit test. You might have completed a Massachusetts drivers education course, read a guide to Massachusetts drivers license and think you know all the rules and regulations, however, there is no way of knowing that you are right unless you actually test yourself. Doing well on the RMV Practice Test for Massachusetts will also strike some confidence into you and reduce the amount of stress you will experience at the office.

Considering what's stated above and taking into account that practice tests are free, the question of why should you take Massachusetts practice permit tests before you go in for the real thing turns into why shouldn't you take them?

Individual Practice Permit Test MA Questions

One thing you really need to learn to be able to pass your Massachusetts permit test the first time you take it is to reason your way through those questions. This is an important skill you need to learn, to analyze every MA permit test question, really dig into those answers. If you do this, you can usually drop at least half of the answers that are incorrect even if you don't know the right answer off the top of your head and then you would only have to choose between two answers, giving you a better chance to answer the question correctly. Of course, this does not eliminate the need to study and to learn Massachusetts traffic laws, but you can usually wing a question or two this way. Plus, analyzing knowledge test questions usually helps you understand the rules better, to understand why these rules were developed in the first place.

In order to help you get started with analyzing permit exam questions, we prepared a number of MA sample questions that we went through for you, go ahead and check them out.

  1. Practice Permit Test MA Question 5 - Parking Uphill
  2. Permit Practice Test MA Question 17 - Road Signs
  3. Massachusetts Practice Permit Test Question 32 - Pavement Markings
  4. MA Permit Practice Test Question 48 - Driving At Night
  5. Massachusetts Permit Practice Test Question 67 - Passing
  6. MA Practice Permit Test Question 88 - Accident Prevention

Once done with these sample questions, scroll down to take the full Massachusetts permit practice test!

How Close Is The Massachusetts Practice Permit Test to The Permit Test at The RMV?

The Massachusetts permit practice test that is offered here are very close to the permit test offered at the RMV, however it is not identical. The good news is that the practice test does not need to be identical. The drivers permit practice test for MA covers the same topics as the real knowledge exam, which means that when you go in to be tested for the Massachusetts learners permit, you will be prepared no matter what questions you get on the test.

Permit Practice Test MA

Do the smart thing, take the Massachusetts practice permit test before you go to the RMV office for the real thing!

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just took the test and passed! this practice test was very helpful but you should ask more junior operating questions since majority of the real test was about that. also if you can do a sign questionnaire as well.

Hello Lala and welcome to the site! This is a very interesting question you have and thanks for bringing this up. While the drivers handbook starts off by saying "never leave the scene of an accident", note that this phrase is only shown in the introductory part about general traffic accidents, and then they give you some specifics. There is a section titled "property damage only", this is what we will concentrate on. As you correctly pointed out, item three on the list in that section tells you to TRY to locate the owner to report the accident OR notify the local police. The truth of this is that you may not be able to locate the owner, since the person may be away on holiday or something and police will never waste time if you we are talking about a tiny scratch or a dent. The question from this Mass practice permit test that you quote talks specifically about a situation when you CANNOT find the owner. Leaving a note with your phone number is the next best thing so the person can contact you and you can exchange insurance info. Don't leave your personal details and insurance info on that note, though, since it is not considered to be safe, just the phone number and a short statement of what happened. Hope this makes it clear and good luck on your MA permit test! When are you taking it, by the way?

I think one of the answers is wrong. The driver's manual states that "if you damaged a parked vehicle or other property, you must try to locate the owner to report the accident or notify the local police." "You must never leave the scene of an accident." Therefore, "IF YOU HIT A PARKED CAR AND CANNOT FIND THE OWNER, YOU" do not just "Leave a note for the car owner, either on or in the car" as the supposedly correct answer suggests.

by the way @education4drivers:disqus thats mad disrespectfl u have no idea what ive been through dont tell me that i "will definitely not need a flute for the DMV permit test ;)" thanks;) ;p

no but really has anyone seen my flute...the concerts in 2 weeks and i havent practiced in 4 months...i need to preform good theres gonna b college scouts ther...this is my life on the line

Hi there, Drivinn! If you are asking if this score is high enough to pass this MA practice permit test - yes, I would say it is. If you are wondering whether you should keep on studying for the real MA permit test - yes, you should. You may encounter different questions during your knowledge exam, so you want to have some back up space there. 90 or above on this permit practice test is a good score, try to study until you raise your score to that level before you take the real test!

so is a 85% a pass?

Hi Sammi! Glad you liked these practice permit test MA questions! Please share them through twitter and facebook so others will be able to find it as well! By the way, I hope this is not the only source of information that you are using right now and that you are still reading the official Massachusetts permit book! Combine the book with this Massachusetts practice permit test and you will pass the real knowledge exam with flying colors! Good luck!

this is the best test ive ever taken. it really helps me study for the real thing!

Hi buddy! Thanks, we are glad you liked this practice permit test MA quiz. Please share it through facebook and twitter, it will really help others find it! Regarding your confidence - don't stress, most people get freaked out before the learners permit test, the only way to become more confident is to study as much as possible. Read the book, make sure to take note of every little point in the book, then once you are done with the whole book, take a practice test, see how well you do. If you miss a question and it is not in your notes, go back to the book and update the notes with this info, then take another quiz. Keep doing this until you can answer each and every question and then keep practicing for another week or so. Take other practice tests too, don't settle for just one! Trust me, by the time you're done, there won't be a rule or a sign you don't know so there will simply be no way for you to fail your real Mass permit test. Once again, thanks for sharing and good luck!

this was really helpful. but im still not confident enough to take the real test because there's more questions on it but again, this pre test was really helpful.

You are welcome, Zaram, and please share this practice permit test MA through facebook and twitter, this will help others find it. Don't be stressed over the real permit test, just study for it, stressing doesn't really do you any good. Make sure you read the handbook a few times, I would probably dedicate 10-15 minutes every day to reading the manual, then take more practice tests. Trust me, practice makes perfect and if you study, there is simply no way not to pass the exam.

Thanks guy, the questions are awesome. Hope I pass the real test cos am nervous.

Hi Sarah! Well, I would not say that it's too bad, it just shows that you should study the handbook a little more before you get back to taking this Massachusetts permit practice test. Have you gone through the book at least once? If you have not, make sure to do it now, trust me, the book does wonders for those preparing to apply for a learners permit in Mass.

Hi Charly! What's stopping you from taking the permit test and applying for a learners permit, are you still under age? Don't let the permit test scare you away, it's not as hard as it seems, you just read the permit handbook which is provided by the DMV free of charge, take this practice permit test MA quiz couple of times, then visit the office and pass the real exam, it's that easy!

If I get it wrong, its always my second guess! This is bad right? help

I don't have a driving license I wish I have one I can't past the test

Hi Yashar, thank you for your feedback! Please share this Massachusetts practice permit test through facebook and twitter, this will help others find it easier! Thank you!

Great Test..Got 18 right out of 20 :-)

failed worse then before

I got a 75 on this? Is that passing? Im going for mine soon and I am so scared. Is the level the same? Amount of questions similar?

Good luck, Maria! Read the manual, take more practice tests and don't be nervous, you will be fine! Good luck with your MA permit test!

Pretty nervous about taking my actual permit test, finally turning 16 on Sunday wish me luck please(:

Thank you, Emily, we are glad you liked this MA learners permit practice test, it's great to hear that the hours of work that we invested into writing these questions did not go in vain! Please share the test through facebook and twitter, this will help your friends find the test easier!