Georgia Practice Permit Test GA

2013 Georgia Permit Practice Test | Practice Permit Test GA

If you are getting ready to apply for a drivers license or learners permit in the state of Georgia, you will have to take the mandatory permit test and the 2013 practice permit test GA will be one of the most valuable study aids in the process. This free Georgia permit practice test allows you to assess your current level of preparation and helps you pinpoint the driving rules you may have trouble with. Pass your Georgia learners permit test with our free sample practice test questions today!

Why Should I Take A Learners Permit Practice Test for Georgia?

The first reason why someone would take a Georgia permit practice test is mainly because taking a practice permit test helps you familiarize yourself with the terminology used on the real DDS exam. The DDS only wants those who know the traffic rules inside out to be on the road and sometimes phrases permit test questions in the way that may confuse you. Practice permit tests will help you learn this terminology and wording used at the DDS.

Another reason for you to take the permit practice test for Georgia is the fact that practice tests help you evaluate your level of preparation before you go in for the actual Georgia learners permit test. You might have completed a Georgia drivers education course, read a guide to Georgia drivers license and think you know all the rules and regulations, however, there is no way of knowing that you are right unless you actually test yourself. Doing well on the DDS GA practice test will also strike some confidence into you and reduce the amount of stress you will experience at the office.

Considering everything stated above and taking into account that most of the road signs and traffic rules practice questions are free, the question of why should you take a practice permit test for GA before you go in for the real thing turns into why shouldn't you take it?

Individual Practice Permit Test GA Questions

One thing you really need to learn to be able to pass your Georgia learners permit test the first time you take it is to reason your way through those questions. This is an important skill you need to learn, to analyze every Georgia permit test question, really dig into those answers. If you do this, you can usually drop at least half of the answers that are incorrect even if you don't know the right answer off the top of your head and then you only have to choose between two answers, giving you a better chance to answer the question correctly. Of course, this does not eliminate the need to study and to learn Georgia traffic rules, but you can usually wing a question or two this way. Plus, analyzing DDS test questions usually helps you understand the rules better, to understand why these rules were developed in the first place.

In order to help you get started with analyzing permit exam questions, we prepared a number of Georgia practice sample questions that we went through for you, go ahead and check them out.

  1. Practice Permit Test GA Question 7 - Parking Downhill
  2. Georgia Permit Practice Test Question 19 - Using headlights
  3. Permit Practice Test GA Question 33 - Road Signs
  4. Learners Permit Practice Test GA Question 69 - Signalling Before Passing
  5. Georgia Learners Permit Practice Test Question 90 - Road Signs

Once done with these sample questions, scroll down to take the complete Georgia learners permit practice test!

How Close Is The GA Permit Practice Test to The Permit Exam at The DDS?

Georgia permit practice tests that are offered on the site are very close to the permit test offered at the DDS, in fact, some of the sample questions come straight from one of the tests taken by others people just like you, however they are not 100% identical. The good news is that they don't need to be identical. Georgia driving practice test covers the same topics, which means that when you go in to be tested for the Georgia learners permit, you will be prepared no matter what questions you get on the test.

Practice Permit Test GA

Do the smart thing, take a permit practice test GA before you go in for the real DDS permit test!

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how to correct i don,t see correct answers. more word is knew for me if my test could be composed in Angletere english.

See, that's the thing: some people say that this GA practice permit test is easier than the real one, others say it is harder! I guess it all depends on what rules you are versed in. Some people are good with general problems, but have troubles remembering specifics, such as BAC levels or speed limits, for others it's exactly the opposite. Anyway, I hope you'll do great during the real permit test at the DDS! Good luck!

this test was very easy. a lot of the work is common sense. cant wait to take the real thing. still need to study some more though

i made 80

Hello Tiana! Yes, 45% is not that great but you can still work on your score if you are not taking the DDS test yet. That's the whole point of taking as many different practice permit test GA questions as possible: to cover all aspects of the state driving rules and road signs and be prepared for virtually any question you may receive during the real exam!

Hi there! That's totally fine to get this score on the 5th time taking this Georgia permit practice test. Some people take the test over ten times and don't manage to get above 70-80%. Did you read the handbook before you started answering these sample questions or did you go straight for the test? When are you taking the real DDS test?

What score did you get on your practice test?

Dang i got 45% but it was my first taking it, but i thought i had it becuase i took two previous test and got a 80 & 95. guess i need ALOT of practice

read the book and you will succed

oh yea 95% but its like my 5th try

Verry close

That's quite all right, don't worry about this, you are not taking the real DDS permit test yet, are you? The score just shows that you have a lot of studying to do, but you will get there just like everyone else, just read the handbook, take notes and practice with these practice permit test GA questions. Do a practice test, write out all of the questions you miss, find the answers to those questions in the book! Keep doing this and I am sure your score will improve dramatically!

I got a 45 :(

Impressive! Don't become overconfident, though, the real permit test is usually somewhat harder than this Georgia permit practice test. You are at the office, there are all those people talking around you, you are anxious that you make too many mistakes... That's why we advise everyone to cover as many practice permit test GA questions as possible, it will really make the job of passing the real DDS test somewhat easier. Good luck!

wow first time and i made a 95%

Not bad, not bad at all. Have you taken your real dds permit test yet or are you still playing around with this Georgia permit practice test?

i only missed 3, time to go try the real one :)

That's great to hear! Do you mean you passed this practice permit test GA or the real exam at the DDS? How was it? What score did you get on the test?

I Passed !

Hi Karie, thanks for posting about this Georgia permit practice test! How did you do on your real GA permit test yesterday? Did you pass? Got your first driving lesson yet? Let us know how it went!

Made a 65% and I'm going to take my permit test tomorrow.... So much for all of my diligent studying.

Hi Alexis! Yes, 16/20 is not that bad for the Georgia practice permit test, but you need to do better if you want to pass your permit test at the DDS. How are you doing with road signs, by the way? We don't have any Georgia road signs questions here yet, but we hope to have them out soon. Anyway, good luck at the DDS permit test!

Hi Dustin, I hope the guy did well on his permit test. The permit test in Georgia does change over time, since some of the regulations evolve and the test has to keep up with these updates, however the updates are usually very minor and do not affect your ability to pass the test. As you can see from this practice permit test GA quiz, most of it is common sense, as long as you do not rush through the test and take your time to think about the questions, you will do just fine.

16 out of 20... Not that bad...